1 Billion recommendations served: How reEmbed increases pageviews

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A common problem that leads to increased bounce rates.

Increasing user engagement and decreasing bounce rate is something every website owner is concerned about. After all, these numbers reflect the tendency of your visitors to leave your website after visiting a single page. Obviously, keeping bounce rate low will increase your pageviews and ultimately get more people to interact with your content. So, what can you do to optimize bounce rates? reEmbed is here to help you!

Think about this; when you have a YouTube video embedded on your site and a user finishes watching it, they are presented with a list of related videos. Clicking on one of these videos will take the user away from your site to YouTube, even if the same video is embedded somewhere in your site. This results in reduced pageviews and increased bounce rates. Of course, this is not beneficial for your website but you can’t do anything about it, right? Wrong! The reEmbed recommendations engine is here to change the way you think about bounce rates for ever.

Keep the user in your site

The way it works is simple. If you are using the reEmbed player to serve your videos, when a video finishes the user is presented with a gallery of videos similar to that of YouTube. The game changing feature is that instead of videos hosted in other sites, this gallery is filled with links to your pages, where these related videos are embedded.


In practice, our recommendation algorithms finds articles on your site that contain videos similar to the one your user is watching. Then, as the video ends, if the user decides to watch another video, they will be directed to another page on your site. You can see the recommendations page in action in the screenshot above, taken from the official Greek NBA site. When the user places their mouse over one of the videos the title and more video info appear.

Your own recommendations engine

reEmbed just passed the 1 billion recommendations served milestone.  Overall, it has helped it’s customers decrease bounce rates and increase pageviews on video pages by 19% on average.

If you want to take advantage of our powerful recommendations engine, you can sign up now at reembed.com and create your own player in seconds. This way you also get access to plenty of awesome free features including our praised real-time analytics. For any question or suggestion you can contact us at [email protected] or on Twitter @reembed.