2016 will be the year of video marketing

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Nowadays, at the dawn of 2016, online marketing is radically different to what it was five or ten years ago. First and foremost, in order to keep up with the rapid growth of social media, it is imperative for every company to ‘become social’ and try to convert users through Facebook and Twitter. However, as the years passed and social marketing grew even more, videos started playing a crucial role in marketing. It is estimated that more than 57% of consumer internet traffic is taken up by videos (as of 2015, according to Hubspot) a number that is expected to go as high as 74% in the next years!

That means that almost 3/4 of the internet traffic will be videos by 2017. This is huge for companies and start-ups if we take into consideration the fact that, according to reelnreel.com, 93% of marketers use videos in order to promote their product and convert users. Of course, we should not limit this to websites and blogs. When it comes to emails and newsletters, studies show that using the word “video” in an subject line boosts open rates by a 19% and click-through rates by a whopping 65% (according to Brainshark)!

Video marketing is more important than ever

At first glance, this rise of video content seems totally logical: videos are more vivid, more interactive and less tiring than a 1500 word article. After all, YouTube has never been more popular with more than 112,893 videos viewed each second, based on InternetLiveStats statistics. However, just having video content does not entitle you to increased traffic and reduced bounce rates; you need to pay attention to one more thing: video management.


You can’t have broken videos or ugly players all over your site. You can’t publish videos and ads without targeting a specific audience. You can’t hold yourself back thinking that, after all, if your content is good, a silly video won’t matter. This is wrong. As Andrew Wilson of business 2 community puts it:

The obsession with content being king has led the marketing arena to become overrun with invaluable, wishy-washy, boring messages all vying for attention from people who don’t really care anymore. The din has become so dense that even the really strong marketing ideas are getting drowned out.

But how you can target the proper audience and take control of your videos? We can help you with that!

Our real time analytics platform will change the way you approach your customer targeting and make the whole process a lot easier. After all, you can see how popular each and every of your videos is across the globe, how much of a video each users watches and who shared your content on their site. This knowledge, updated in real-time, gives you the power to focus on the proper content and audience. Furthermore, with reEmbed, you won’t have to worry about broken content anymore.

Videos get removed all the time from YouTube. When you embed lots of them across your site, it is impossible to keep track of which ones still work. But users don’t like broken videos. If a user lands on your page to watch a video and the video does not work, they will be forced to leave your website in search for a working video. However, with reEmbed, broken videos are not an issue. Once a video is no longer able to play, you will receive an alert about it in your dashboard. ReEmbed lets you know which video no longer works, why it couldn’t be played, which page on your site includes it, and even suggests possible replacements.

ReEmbed offers you these and many more features that will help you step up your video marketing game and increase your pageviews. What are you waiting for? Check our player for free now!