These are the Top 10 ads of 2015 according to YouTube

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As the year comes to an end, it is evident that 2015 was all about video marketing with more and more companies focusing on creating quality YouTube ads. Of course, as reEmbed dwells in the planes of video marketing, seeing what made an impression to the users is essential.

Hence, we are going to review the top video commercials of the past year (according to YouTube ads Leaderboard) that changed the way we think about online video marketing. The ranking on this leaderboard is determined by factors including watch time, organic video views, engagement and audience retention. Let’s start!

#10 – Budweiser USA: #BestBuds | 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Lost Dog”

An ad for one of the most popular beers around the world, the Budweiser Best Buds commercial aired during the Super Bowl and got more than 30 million views on YouTube, in a few months.

The story of a man losing his golden retriever (a.k.a his Best Bud) has not really much to do with beer but, accompanied by an emotional remix of Proclaimers’ “500 miles” this ad surely makes leaves a positive impression.

#9 – Slap Her: Children’s reactions

This video from the Italian news hub surely is different from your average commercial. When some young boys are put in front of a beautiful girl some awkwardness and giggles set in.

However, all of these stop when they are asked to slap the girl. Will they do it? To put it in the words of a Alessandro, a 6 year old boy: “In the kids’ world, women don’t get hit. This commercial managed to raise awareness, promote the site and accumulate more than 31 million views on Youtube

#8 – Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Official Introduction

And we are back to classic-style ads. After all, Samsung doesn’t need something more in order to promote their Galaxy series. A simple yet elegant introduction to the new S6 phone that showcases the basic innovations of the phone is enough to take this video at almost 34 million views.

This shows us that, when you have a strong product and audience, the simplest ads can be the most effective.

#7 – Durex Connect

This is a very interesting advertisement from Durex who invited some couples in order to try their new application that “will improve the sex lives of millions of people around the world”.

However, there is a plot twist as this new technology is simpler yet far more beneficial than anything these couples would imagine. We don’t want to spoil it for you: go ahead and watch the ad that surpassed 37,4 million views on YouTube; maybe it can change your life.

#6 – Always Like A Girl – Unstoppable

Does society limit girls and tell them what they should or shouldn’t be? Does it box them into expected roles? Always looks further into this subject with this innovative awareness ad.

It is the way that Always chose to convey their message, combined with the stories of the girls that make this video unique and powerful, helping it exceed 38,1 million views.

#5 – adidas: Unfollow feat. Leo Messi

One more commercial that does not showcase the product directly. In this video, we follow the story of a young athlete that wants to be like Messi. However, halfway through, he realizes something important. He has to create his own story in order to succeed.

 Or as the video description puts it:

No one ever created anything new by trying to be someone else. Leo Messi, the greatest player in the history of football, challenges you to make your own path and unfollow him in pursuit of creating your own game.

#4 – Boom Beach: Speech

At number 4 of this year’s Top 10 we meet our first mobile game ad. Undoubtedly, not many people thought this day would come but the commercial for Boom Beach, an Android/iOS game, has gotten more than 40 million views in a few months!

The video is simple, funny and showcases core features of the game, leading the viewer to instantly press the Download button and get into Boom Beach. It seems that, no matter how many years pass, smart ideas will always rise to the top of the ad world.

#3 – Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council

A giant X-Ray panel is set up in the middle of a square. Bystanders watch the images of skeletons kissing without knowing who is behind the panel and, thus, are unable to discriminate. The only message that remains is love beyond race, gender, religion and sex. Or, as the video description points out:

While the vast majority of Americans consider themselves unprejudiced, many of us unintentionally make snap judgments about people based on what we see—whether it’s race, age, gender, religion, sexuality, or disability. The Love Has No Labels campaign challenges us to open our eyes to our bias and prejudice and work to stop it in ourselves, our friends, our families, and our colleagues.

#2 – Hyundai: A Message to Space

This video by Hyundai is not only a commercial but also an official Guinness World Record! Stephanie from Houston, teamed with Hyundai in order to leave a message to her astronaut dad that he could see from space.

Hence, eleven Hyundai Genesis cars raced around the desert in order to form a message visible from the International Space Station. This message was officially acknowledged as “The largest tire track image” by the Guinness World Records and got over 69 million views on YouTube. It wrote: “Steph loves you!”

#1 – Clash of Clans: Revenge (Official Super Bowl TV Commercial)

Another mobile game ad, this time created for the Super Bowl and the game Clash of Clans. In this wonderful commercial, Liam Neeson is waiting for his order when his village in Clash of Clans is attacked.

Of course, this is not over. Liam Neeson wants revenge. He wants his village back. Or, in his words:

I don’t know you, BigBuffetBoy85,
But if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again.

Oh, I am coming for you with lots of Barbarians and Dragons. I can’t wait to destroy your village, while you beg for mercy, but you will get no mercy. I will have my revenge. You will regret the day you crossed AngryNeeson52!

An amazing combination of excellent acting and directing, the 91+ million views of this ad are completely justified. After all, who would want to oppose to Liam Neeson?