User Experience is More Important Than Ever in the Era of Online Video Advertising

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The world of advertising is ever-changing. Every year, new marketing techniques come to life, more advanced and targeted than ever before, hoping to change the face of advertising as we know it. And in this race of ‘marketing innovation’, where everyone strives to lead the pack, people are changing their focus towards a new medium.

At the dawn of the 21st century, Television and physical ads are still dominating the marketing field. However, this changes a few years later with the rise of e-commerce and e-mail marketing. Companies are trying to find a new way in order to get their message across and promote their products.

From then on, it is an internet-dominated game and thus, at the beginning of 2016, social media and online video are more important than ever to every company around the globe. Unfortunately, finding the correct medium for your ad is not enough. You need to step up your User Experience game.

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The reason is simple: Advertising is not the only thing that changed during these last years. Customers have also changed. The average consumer of 2016 is not bothered by living in a world full of big brands and companies, as long as they respect him, have boundaries and fulfill their promises.

After all, people don’t want to be overloaded with spammy, uninspired product ads. On the other hand, they will enjoy watching a creative, well-thought ad that goes beyond the product and does not become annoying. An example of this is Hyundai’s “A Message to Space” advertising campaign. An innovative and elegant way to promote their latest car, improve their corporate image and make their product viral throughout the internet at the same time.

You enjoyed that ad, didn’t you? Imagine now that, instead of delivering a message to Space, the people at Hyundai would create just another, boring car advertisement that would play repeatedly in you TV, laptop and mobile phone. That doesn’t sound so appealing, right? This proves that storytelling and smart inclusion of the product in the video tremendously increases the quality of the ad and, therefore, the prospective audience.

But there is more to the User Experience than the video content. To put it in Google’s Tara Walpert Levy’s words:

Treat “user experience” as a mind-set, not a departmentSuccessful creatives today are user experience experts. As they create, they go out of their way to experience their work the way their audience will. Emily Anderson describes watching a video in a studio with high-end audio equipment and then comparing the sound on laptop speakers. Consider reviewing your work on your smartphone with $5 headphones, while riding the bus. Would you still watch it? The context in which your audience watches a video can be just as influential as the content itself.

Basically, you need to cover every possible situation in which your users could watch your video. That includes all platforms, resolutions, devices and more and aims in maintaining top quality content across all platforms. As marketers say: Content is King, Context is Queen.

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